Vice President Membership

Iowa Public Television Foundation
Closing Date: 
Open Until Filled
Job Description: 

Responsible to define and implement strategies for the annual giving program including direct mail, telemarketing, canvassing ,car donations, online and social media.  Stays abreast of development/fundraising activities and trends within the public broadcasting and non-profit community.  Uses best practice tools and techniques to convert audience to donors. Insure quality customer service.  Analyze, research, evaluate and track effectiveness of performance for department and staff.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • College degree and/or three years experience in membership fundraising.
  • Managerial experience including development and growth of a team successful in meeting goals.
  • Excellent communications skill, both written and oral.
  • Experience with Excel and Microsoft Office products.
  • Excellent judgement skills and attention to details.
  • A team player.

Reports To:    Foundation President

Supervises:     Information Services Technician, Donor Services Representative, Receptionist/Donor Services Representative, Membership Data Entry Operator, Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator, Leadership Circle and Sustaining Coordinator.

Performance Responsibilities:

Manage the membership department:

  • Prepare annual formal employees evaluation.
  • Recommend position/job description adjustments in November/December.
  • Recommend additional staff training/development as needed.
  • Oversees the IPTV-at-your-door canvassing campaign.

Direct overall membership renewal process:

  • Prepare variable copy elements for direct mail and submit to vendor.
  • Review inventory levels for all direct mail stationery and reorder time tables.
  • Review analysis of campaigns, segmentation and the reporting of the campaigns.
  • Test new renewal techniques and evaluate the effectiveness of the test.
  • Coordinate e-renewal with the renewal cycle.
  • Manage renewal telemarketing campaign with the vendor.
  • Coordinate social media campaigns and on-air support messaging with the network’s communication department.

Pledge Events and special pledge events:

  • Review inventory levels of pledge mailing stationery and reorder.
  • Coordinate pledge mailing with vendor.
  • Attends monthly program schedule meetings.
  • Coordinate social media campaigns and on-air support messaging with the network’s communication department.

Direct mail, telemarketing, and special acquisition campaigns:

  • Establish and implement time tables for each campaign.
  • Select creative copy for acquisition mailing.
  • Coordinate data base selects.
  • Participate in the creative writing of telemarketing scripts.
  • Test various segments to maximize revenue.

Supervise and maintain Membership Data Base Integrity:

  • Oversee the opening and processing of checks received from members.
  • Oversee the timely deposit of member donations.
  • Oversee the timely entry of membership data including cash, adjustments, and maintenance.
  • Maintain systematic quality control procedures.
  • Direct appended data and database marketing decisions.

Direct Donor Service and Correspondence providing a high level of member satisfaction:

  • Supervise the response to members calls or written inquires.
  • Supervise the establishment of standard responses to standard questions.
  • Supervise the distribution of member thank you gifts.
  • Design and write acknowledgment of contribution letters assuring compliance with tax regulations and done in a timely manner.   

Direct the activities of member benefits and clubs:

  • Recommend changes to club benefits.
  • Participate in establishment of new clubs and member benefits.

Direct monthly contribution programs:

  • Implement procedures to bill monthly or quarterly pledges so designated.
  • Oversee and make recommendations to the Sustaining Membership program. 
  • Oversee the credit card recapture telemarketing of Sustaining and credit card pledges.

Direct the Leadership Circle program:

  • Supervise the mailings and cultivation for the Leadership Circle members.
  • Recommend changes to increase membership and revenue.

Direct the Vehicle Donation program:

  • Implement the Vehicle Donation program for the best return.
  • Analyze the program for number of donations and customer service.
  • Refresh promotion on a timely basis.

IPTV-at-your-door canvassing program:

  • Oversee the management of the program.
  • Oversee the creation of materials used by the canvasser and handouts.
  • Provide weekly chats with the team and station tours as needed.
  • Implement meetings with the canvassing management team.

Obtain appropriate reviews of all materials sent out.

Maintain direct relationship with all membership vendors:

  • Obtain competitive quotes for membership materials and services.
  • Act as contact for designated vendors.

Chair the membership project teams:

  • Define future projects.
  • Coordinate monthly analysis team meetings.
  • Participate in the monthly “coffee” with the network communications team.

Develop plans and report on projects and activities:

  • Assist in developing an annual plan for membership of the Foundation Fundraising Plan.
  • Prepare reports for the Foundation Board which details the activities of membership.

Assist in the planning and direction of the overall organization.

Participate in other events as necessary.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Terms of Employment:         Full time, regular, at will employee.  Exempt.